PC Classroom 1

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Here are a collection of videos for complete beginners that will help you improve your basic PC skills.

Quick Tips - Before clicking Play
  1. Right click once on the video image (picture of the birds or another) and select Toggle Fullscreen to view in Fullscreen mode.
    There are other ways to do it which are described in first video.
  2. When you are done watching the video press the ESC Key on the keyboard to exit the Fullscreen mode


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Watch Your Favorite Shows - * Watch the ABC, SOAPnet and Blinkx Tutorials First *
  1. All My Children ABC
  2. Soap Net *Turn Down Your Volume*
  3. Lifetime Movies
  4. Little House On The Prairie Blinkx
  5. Bonanza Blinkx
  6. The Waltons Blinkx
  7. Gunsmoke Blinkx
Player Functions
To enter and exit fullscreen mode, you can simply double click on the video screen. 2 left clicks to enter 2 left clicks to exit or you can do the following: click on the two icons in sequence as shown below. To access the playlist click on the icon as shown below and select the video you would like to view. There are 13 videos. Hold down a left click on the white scroll bar located on the right of that menu and scroll down to view them all. To adjust the volume, click on the icon as shown below. Hold down a left click on the adjustment bar and adjust.

First Click


Second Click



Left Click on the scroll bar and drag it down.



or right click once and select Toggle Fullscreen


To return to the begining click on the Stop sico icon and it will take you back to the first image of the video. From there you could select one of the video icons. mscr
Another important icon is the Pause pause button.

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