Do it Yourself Construction

Design Software:
Cheif Architect
Smart Draw
Architecture 3D
Top 8 Home Design Software Programs

Sample Plans:
Build a 16 ft * 12 ft studio apartment for under $1000
12ft * 12ft studio apt

Builidng Supplies:
Home Depot

Footers & Foudation:

Building a cabin Shows a great idea for footers, concrete filled buckets.

Mortar, Cement, Concrete Mix
Concrete Calculator, Prices and Pouring Information - The Concrete Network
QUIKRETE® - Quantity Calculator

Hometime – Framing Overview
Room Standard Wall Framing Quantity And Cost Calculator
How to Frame a Partition Wall

Garage Assembly
How to frame a wall 16 inch on center
How to build and interior wall
How to Frame a Wall with a Window
Home Remodel Workshop
Building a shed in under 2 min

Useful Sites:
Carpentry Pro Framer
This Old House

Grow your own food:
1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards of compost
Aquaponics Greenhouse
Aquaponics Greenhouse Tour - Winter