Founding of the "United States":
US Constitution
March 4, 1789 Goverment Under the Constition Begins
US Fascism
Communist Manifesto (Audio) (PDF)
Guide to the U.S. Government
The Patriot Act

Military: Addicted to War
US Department of Defense
Joint Chiefs
Marine Corps
Air Force
National Guard
Coast Guard

International Military Location(s):
US Forces Japan
US Military Bases in Mainland Japan and Okinawa

Military Related Websites:
Military Channel
Basics of the United States Military Branches
US Army Info Site: Branches & MOS List

Empire Status:
The U.S. Global Empire

Nuclear Power Reactors:

Future Fire Power

Discovery Channel - Future Weapons
G4tv - Military Tech

Timeline of United States military operations

Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan

Global Aircraft

Intercity Passenger Rail Network Construction Through 2050

Free Trade Agreements: 19 countries African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)

An analysis of the US Political System:
The Confluence of Capitalism and Communism The Cold War wasn't really about Capitalism or Communism. It was just a front used by the last two superpowers to try to extend their empires (similar to the images below).


The Communist Manifesto (Audio) (PDF)

Policy to help reduce discrimination in government funded organizations: Affirmative Action

Declassified Documents: Freedom of Information Act

Reading Room

United States Department of Justice

The White House, Alphabet Boyz and Others:
The White House
A.T.F. - Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms and Explosives
D.E.A. -  Drug Enforcement Administration
F.B.I. - Federal Bureau of Investigation
N.S.A. -  National Security Agency
Jeremy Rifkin and the Foundation on Economic Trends
Office of Management and Budget

Economic& Other Issues:
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
Behind the Buyouts
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
U.S. Prisons and Drug Laws
Recovery Connection - Drug Rehabilitation Services
Changing the Way We Eat