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Health Care Reform Bill Summary: A Look At What's in the Bill (March 21, 2010)


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Sicko - Michael Moore - The USA has one of the worst systems cost-wise in the world.


20/20 Sick in America: Whose Body is it Anyway?
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Healthcare in US and Japan (English) Electric Cigarettes

The Affordable Care Act passed on March 23, 2010: (View)
The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act: Immediate Benefits for Tennessee

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Human Anatomy: 

By looking over these guides, especially Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body, all the mysteriousness of modern medicine will be removed, and you’ll be able to know exactly what the doctors are talking about.

Besides surgeons, most doctors today are just glorified pill pushers, with a ‘Try this. And if it doesn’t work, just come back’ attitude. They aren’t even the ones who develop the drugs they push. The pharmaceutical companies tell the doctors what’s new.

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body

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