Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes

The Cherokee Nation covered most of the southeast:land

Little known to most people in the US and around the world, there are more than 300 Indian reservations in the US. Although the topic was touched on a little during elementary school, with the mention of the "Trail of Tears," they seriously left out a lot of details and we never heard anything more about Native Americans throughout highschool and college.

I was curious as to what exactly happened and after a little research online, was shocked to findout how many Native American Tribes existed before the arrival of the Europeans.

Map of Native American Reservations in the United States

Cherokee Nation history and present day status:

Original Constitution

Cherokee Nation Constitution


Cherokee One Feather

Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper

Cherokee Phoenix -Archive Scans of Orignal Newspaper

Cherokee Phoenix Archives

The Cherokee Phoenix Index

Cherokee Observer

Cherokee - One Feather

Cherokee Scout

Wilma Mankiller former principal chief of the Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Land Cessions

Cherokee Nation

Cherokee North Carolina

Cherokee Indian Tribe

U.S.-Cherokee Treaties
Indian removal 1814 - 1858

Native American - Indian Genealogy 

Cherokee Indian Fact Sheet

Native Americans

Eastern Band of Cherokee

Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Cherokee History


Native American Issues:

Indian Boarding School Plan

Cherokee History As You've Never Heard It
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The American Indian Movement is born on July 28, 1968

US Government vs American Indian Movement

American Indian Movement (AIM)

November is Native American Heritage Month

Stephen Bishop - Mammoth Cave Explorer



Famous Songs:

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Indian Reservation

Cher - Half Breed



Cherokee Alphabet Flashcards

Cherokee Language Lessons

Cherokee Dictionary 1

Cherokee Dictionary 2

Cherokee Lessons

Tsalagi (Cherokee) Wordlist

Cherokee Language Videos

The Cherokee Language

Cherokee Language Cd Set

Native American Websites:

Proving Your Indian Ancestry

First People

Indian Affairs (US Dept. of the Interior)

インディアン Life


"Majority Can Be Wrong": A Conversation with Phillip Deere, Muskogee-Creek Elder

Aboriginal History: "Did You Know?"
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Long Train of Abuses - Native Americans in Canada
Part  2 

US Guilty of Genocide

RED CROW WESTERMAN - Speaking to the World

Native American Rights Part 1 2

Barack Obama in Crow Agency, MT

Barack's Message for Native American Nations

First Nation's Treaty History in B.C., Canada