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Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad
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Robert Kiyosaki - Secrets of the Rich

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

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Find the Estimated Property Value of Your Home

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Store Operation Costs, Shifts and Wages Allows you to estimate operation costs
Harvard Business Review - The 5 Stages Of Small Business Growth

Small Business Resources:
Tennessee Small Business Development Centers
Nashville Incubation Center
U.S. Small Business Administration  Planner, Tools, Services and Local Resources

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Retail & Online Store
Coffee Shop
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Dollar Store Developer and Supplier

     A great site to get ideas, from start-up costs, store layouts, point of sale (cash register)  and more.   But, there is  no need to buy a business plan from them, especially when you can get one for free. You’ll just need to modify it some.  The projection estimates are good too.

Estimated Dollar Store Setup Cost Per Square Feet

POS (point of sale) Systems—Cash Registers:
Point of Sale Systems - Buyer's Guide
Point of Sale Depot  Use your own PC

Store Supplies:  Racks, Shelves,  Pricing and Tagging Guns, Etc…
Murdock Mendelsohn Co., Inc.   3003 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN 37207
Nashville Area Fixture Retailers
Store Supply Warehouse

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Nike Shoes
Assorted Brands

Urban Wear:
Urban Denim Company
Island Wholesaler
Wholesale Clothing Market

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DollarDay$    After registering you can see the prices. Very good deals.
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Fashion Wholesale
Women's Wholesale Clothes

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